Please be advised that My Gourmet Market is not an Islamic event, but a market that serves Halal.

All edible products are required be Halal. A Halal certificate is necessary if the business is not Muslim owned (depending on the offering). Applications are open to vendors of all religious beliefs.

Products have to be original and innovative. My Gourmet Market strives towards a curated food collective, to offer a delicious food experience. Thus, your product has to be of a high quality that looks and tastes delicious. All items should comprise a gourmet flare.

All costs will be sent to the successful applicants once the complete selection has been made.

*Costs differ according to space required.

My Gourmet Market offers a standard space of 3m by 3m, and provides water & electricity. Vendors are responsible for their own set-up and equipment to run their stall.

The market’s main focus is on food, drinks and unique home-ware items.

Please ensure that the email address supplied is used often, as this will be the main form of communication.

To apply to My Gourmet Market, please complete ALL the fields listed below: